Association " Alternative energy "


technology and installations for manufacture biofertilizers and biogas

     We have developed an original design for small and average biogas installations made of plastic not giving in to corrosion. Our design differs cheapness, simplicity of manufacturing and installation, ease of transportation.
     Also our technology provides an opportunity of scaling, that is parallel and-or consecutive connection of our installations. It enables potential clients to put means parts in process of receipt and gradually to increase capacity of installation up to required.
     We offer wide enough spectrum of products to satisfy requirements even most minimally solvent customers. Our prices begin with 300 USD.
     We also offer installation of any size made on our original design, at prices lower than any other manufacturers and with greater functionality.
     For those who wants to do the installation for the production of biofertilizers and biogas, we lay out the relevant documentation. Part of the documentation is spread free, part - for a small charge.