Incorporation "Alternative energy" is created in 2007.     Having analysed the potential market of biogas installations in Ukraine and the nearest countries, we have come to conclusion, that existing designs have series of lacks: either high cost, or unreliability, fragility and small repeatability because of application in a design of casually turned up details was in the use and units. Developing the original design and an original technology of production of biogas installations we started with following requirements:
a) speed and simplicity of manufacturing and installation;
b) low cost;
c) small weight, and accordingly, simplicity of transportation, installation and dismantle;
d) longevity and reliability of a design;
e) scalability, that is light escalating of volume and vigor of installation in process of a recoupment of its previous modules.
     Our base designs concern to classes of small and average biogas installations, that is, installations with volume of a reactor from 3 up to 15 cubic metre. Great volumes turn out by bond of consistently and-or in parallel base designs.
     Efficiency of the designs and technologies we have checked up in practice, having installed for a year three installations in Lvov, Drogobych and Severinovka from Vinnitsa range. Also in 2009 established a pilot plant near the district center of Cuba in Azerbaijan. We have fulfilled a technology of production of biogas installations of our design so, that are ready to sell not only installations, but also technology of their producing, that is to organize producing biogas installations at the customer.